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We can help you with infrastructure, resources and environment monitoring by employing state-of-the-art application of remote sensing technology.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Critical infrastructure ( such as rail tracks, dams, dikes, bridges, oil pipelines etc.) monitoring using remote sensing technology.

Urban Footprint Monitoring

Mapping and monitoring of urban footprint using remote sensing and gis mapping - location data analytics and location intelligence.

Environment Monitoring

On land and marine environment monitoring using a wide range of integrated and cutting-edge remote sensing technologies.

Damage Assessment

Post disaster (earthquake, flood, forest fire and oil spill) damage assessment using remote sensing statellite data.

Crop Yield Prediction

Crop yield estimation at large scale using satellite remote sensing data and machine learning algorithms.

Biomass Estimation

For public and private organization, we do crop yield estimation using remote sensing data.

What We Offer

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Remotely360 provides wide range of consulting and development services with focus on geospatial data science & machine learning, geographical information systems(GIS) and remote sensing.

Data Acquisition

Fresh and archived image data acquisition of specific geographical location - involving spaceborne, airborne, optical, SAR and satellite sensors.

Remote Sensing

Land cover classification using satellite and aerial multispectral data; image processing, features extraction, image classificaiton and more.

Product Development

We provide end to end geospatial programming and development involving Python, R, Matlab, Octave, SQL/NoSQL databases, cloud computing - Azure, AWS.

change detection

Change Detection

Remote sensing change detection for land use and cover changes, habitat fragmentation, rate of deforestation, coastal change, parking lot consumption, urban sprawl, etc.

Digital Farming

Monitoring various crops and forest biophysical parameters, such as crop identification, crop Status, crop yield estimation prior to harvest, based on remote sensing data.

Strategic Consulting

Helping business with 1) unlocking value from wealth of statellite imagery data, 2) evolving strategic geospatial strategy to drive growth.

Let's know what is your remote sensing challenge?

Why We Stand Out

Amplifiers & Disruptors

At Remotely360, we not only believe in innovative solutions but rather intend to amplifying and disruptive impact in terms of business value. With over 15+ years of collective experience, our team offers you broader range of consulting, development, education and training services.

Our team brings 15+ years of experience in remote sensing, geospatial analysis, and geographical information systems (GIS). We leverage our skill and experience for the benefit of our clients.
There is a wealth of data available in the form of satellite imagery. We help our clients to create business value from that data.
In best interest of our clients, we have been exploiting and exploring satellite imagery data in every possible way. Our team believes in going above and beyond.
Business are excited to take advantage of recent technological advancements in machine learning and articificial intelligence. Our team is fully capable to help you with that.
Great Ideas
Create Value
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How We Work

Consulting Process

We are very leane and have got simple engagement process. Our objective is get quickly from initial engagement to desired business goals.

Project Requirements

You provide us with requirements of your poject including problem description, desired goals and timeline.

Engagement Plan

Our team would analyze your project requirements and present consulting or/and development enangement plan.

Expert Advice

The project kicks off and our scientists work closely with your team to provide agreed expert services.


The set project goals are achieved. We seek any feedback from client and also project outlook for future enagements.

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